Mozella Perry Ademiluyi

Mozella Perry Ademiluyi

Training for Everest

Each one of us gets to a place in our lives when we realize we must embark on a new way of being in order to reach some of our toughest goals.

Often, something disrupting happens that makes us (forces us) to make the changes required to live both a more productive and happier personal and professional life. Why shouldn’t we get from where we are to where we want to be?

Given my own recent disruptions and renewed commitments; I decided that I would train for the ultimate: the biggest, baddest mountain in the whole wide world — Mt. Everest. Now, that’s a challenge that would set anyone straight!

I’m at my best when I have a BIG goal in front of me. My previous mountain hiking and walking expeditions, and of course life, have all taught me invaluable lessons about how to be and what it takes to reach what I define as the summit of my own success.

Anytime I have trained or prepared for something way bigger than myself, I sought to find the courage, stamina and discipline to do whatever it took to get the job done. The higher the peak, or the longer the trail, the more it calls on us to rise to the challenge™ – Visit Mountain Peak Strategies.

Establishing new habits to achieve any goal is a balancing act. Take any goal you have – don’t you have to train your mind and your body to think, believe and actually do the right things? The steps you take must be planned, calculated, precise and consistent. You don’t move? You don’t get to where you want to be. It’s as simple (and complicated!) as that.

I began to research different people who have climbed Mt. Everest. They trained like crazy, of course: cycling, swimming, walking, hiking, weights, cardio, and more cardio for hours and hours each and every week. But there were the less obvious points too:

  • Manage your emotions
  • Practice extreme patience
  • Visualize being on the mountain
  • Transform your thoughts

I was particularly impressed by the story of an Australian woman, Fiona Adler, who made it to the top of the world in 2005. Her short YouTube testimony is inspiring and worth watching.

Fiona said: “When you are working toward any big goal there are some general principles that hold to anything really: having a good plan and then following through on that plan”. She shared that “taking continuous action, one after another, day, by day, doing something…breaking it down to the small actions” helps you reach your summit.

Imagine, the same advice we’ve heard over and over again is what Fiona used to tackle “the big one”.

And, for me, in case you’re wondering, ‘Training for Everest’ is a metaphor. I am training and intensely working one determined step at a time. I intend to take those small, consistent steps every single day. And, remember, when we get discouraged – as we ultimately do – tomorrow is a new day to start back out on our path again. I challenge you to join me …

Your Everest is waiting for you too!

Mozella Perry Ademiluyi
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