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Culturally Themed Rooms

Serenity on the Mountain invites calming experiences for our guests: enjoy a relaxing, thoughtfully created space, richly accented by textured themes representing cultures from around the world.

Carefully detailed for both comfort and inspiration; this very special cottage has an array of large artistic windows that bring the mountains, Deep Creek Lake, beautiful sunrises and the moon in her many phases into every room. The living spaces provide an exquisite and unique mixture of contemporary furnishings and ancient motifs; with decor influenced by the peoples of Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, the Caribbean and Native Americas.

Pavitra is an ancient Sanskrit word for purity and sanctity. This Asian accented room personifies the meaning of ‘Zen’. It calls forth calmness and invites body and soul on a balanced, harmonious journey. The vibrant colors celebrate rich traditions steeped in ceremony.

Emi Mimo means pure or enlightened spirit in Yoruba, a West African language primarily spoken in Nigeria. This room reminds you of the essence of all that is- it communicates through colors, rich textures and intriguing detail.
K’inan , a Mayan concept for spirit or solar energy, embraces an earth relationship that indigenous cultures of the Americas have always valued. This space brings you home to Mother Earth and invites grounding and connection with the natural world to support and strengthen your inner being.
Serenity Den is a sanctuary carved out for reflective thoughts, creating a comforting space for ‘being’. Perfect for racing minds and over active bodies; the Serenity Den is your invitation to sit and listen to your innermost feelings, to meditate, to hear soothing nature sounds, to read or just relax. Enjoy these moments and take them home with you as a holistic, supportive practice

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Serenity on the Mountain – This one of a kind home is the perfect choice for friends, couples and adult family members to retreat together for individual and collective revitalization and rejuvenation.

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