Mozella Perry Ademiluyi

Mozella Perry Ademiluyi


We had the honor of hosting Harry Belafonte and his wife Pamela at our home during President Obama’s inauguration, thanks to Joia Jefferson Nuri. I wrote an acrostic poem for Mr. Belafonte, recognizing his life-long service to the civil rights movement. In celebration of Black History month and in honor of our elders who paved the way, I hope you’ll be inspired by this poem. I highly recommend Harry Belafonte’s eloquent and amazing memoir, “My Song“.

To Harry Belafonte:

  • How do we say thank you for
  • A lifetime of service —
  • Reaping the rewards of your giving,
  • Realizing that you, and others, chose
  • Your paths to specifically accomplish goals you
  • Believed in… and that you were willing to sacrifice
  • Everything: your lives, your freedom…
  • Let us remember the true value of time,
  • Accomplishments, dreams, setbacks, present moments…
  • For in acknowledging each part
  • Of this magnificent whole, we
  • Now have the opportunity and the responsibility
  • To design and create a new world society:
  • Embracing true peace and prosperity for all…

Mozella P. Ademiluyi
January 20, 2009

Mozella Perry Ademiluyi
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