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  Fall 2012  
  Connecting to the Light Within Us  by Anterah Rose
It is a privilege to have the opportunity to reach out to you. It is my most cherished hope that this message may inspire us to physically embody the following concepts fully as when we were children- when we engaged in play with our whole body, mind, heart and soul whether conquering fear, doubts or riveted in focused peaceful play time; it was an adventure!

It is my hope that this sharing may inspire us to practice and test for ourselves a simple technique that is the first step in facilitating a connection to our inner Light. This connection allows us to create a safe, restorative space within our Self. With practice it allow us  to free ourselves from external distraction, interruption and allow our inner will to be heard clearly above other external voices.

Our Light is at first in a state of potentiality within us and we must commit to a true and deep connection to it. Without this It cannot undergo the alchemical  changes from mere potential state to the liberated state which is necessary to make  our dreams a reality. Without undergoing the hardships and internal resistances necessary we cannot achieve our purpose in life as we would have hoped.

This inner Light, 'Christ within us' is not an idea, a metaphor or a symbol. It is a real force with structure and quality as unique as our fingerprints. It has weight, heat, sound, fragrance, luminosity and radiates out from us as an invisible force field, as if the sun was within our body. Our inner Light is constant in nature, never changing from birth, evolving upward becoming more clear when we nurture it. This perfect constant is a sanctuary of Rest for us that we can safely fall back unto within its Stillness, and allow this state  to regenerate us. Christ’s indwelling Light is a unique equilibrium within each of us that thru consciously creating Space thru the exercise allows us to discern between the external and internal forces in our lives, gauge our range and where or to whom we are  called to invest this sacred power of love and service  in this lifetime.

In our daily lives this inner Perfect equilibrium that is the Perfect within us, is a medium for understanding what 'annoys' us. When we are annoyed by the actions of others, things or events, it  is a call for us to look within ourselves and make the effort to rise above. We should not demand that the outside world provide the balance and liberation we seek although without knowing specifically the nature of our Light, our mechanical self demands that others do for us. We demand that the  environment be controlled in the way that  ironically in the very aspect that  our yet uncovered calling is. In this way at times we become the sin/weakness that we came in this lifetime to correct.  This alignment and perspective of not embracing this and externalizing our selves  robs us of  uncovering the mystery of God’s grace within us.  Without it we cannot rise to a higher level of being that is required to fulfill our  dream.

Level of being determines how much reconciling force we have within to resolve the resistance of life, or the wounding effect of the
collective's weakness and accumulated wrong actions.  It is more beneficial to  instead use this as an opportunity to understand why we experience this reaction, reflect within to that Perfect that is giving us the ability to see the “imperfect” or sacred “flaw” by falling back within and seeing behind the seeing.   

Then from this higher view which comes by this internalizing, respond to the deeper revelation and  activate the Correction in order to liberate the Light within us to higher states of Consciousness. Embracing and moving through this process, we learn to understand ourselves through the process and actually gain a greater state of luminosity that elevates us to the next level of living. This next level liberates us from repeating the same experiences over and over again,  because we have evolved finally beyond them, as a result of taking upon ourselves to do that task which we saw to do from within.


When we experience resistance to a task, and we still do it for it's own sake, then and only then does the inner body grow.  It is like climbing a  mountain that to get through to the top, we must undergo the acceptance of the resistance first  in order to let go. This acceptance is a form of letting go that unifies us and liberates the higher reconciling force within to reconcile the resistance of the climb. This higher force comes from the Light within us. We feel the exhilaration.  When this happens we know that we have made that which we have just endured  resistance through,  “our own". Inherently we know that when it is possible to endure properly, it corresponds to our inner purpose .  We do not have higher reconciling force within us to overcome resistance for those things that  would deviate us  from the accomplishing the original will within us governing our purpose.

By applying careful observation and reflection we experience our inner Light, and  see the mystery of our actions unfold before us as a wondrous star. God moves through us while our body is engaged even in what seems to be a mundane task - pay attention!

In a monastery, tasks are repeated over and over again until the ego is exhausted and the body gives up its reactive resistances and then in this release  the Divine is  experienced as ecstasy. This exercise cuts through the hours and need to separate oneself from life
and facilitates the ability to let go to a more unified  state wherein our many selves and parts are united so that all becomes
translucent and the state simply opens the door for the devotion and connection to occur. This ecstasy does not have to be random, but is ours already  inside, and to access it, can be done at will.  This experience is available to each and every one of us because the only obstruction is our ‘ grasping’ mechanism wherein we favor one part of ourselves above another, deeming it more worthy than another. This eclipses our own Light that cannot flow but in unity through all our person at all levels equally in perfect unity. The exercise has the intention of neutralizing this grasping mechanism. That is the first liberation.

We most easily experience a shift in our personal paradigms with the birth of a new baby. Its presence alone has an impact on us causing us to undergo immediate change. A small death and resurrection cycle occurs in order to move forward with this new alignment internally. This internal little death and resurrection for us is actually an expression of our inner Light - we relinquish our former selves and adapt. If only we could seek out and experience these changes in us as joyously and openly as when we are filled with love and excitement for this new life! This joy and love is what allows us to change who we are without fear and hesitation. Our bodies when void of this love resist change, they grasp onto our ways and withhold us from what we, with effort and self-reflection, know we should be. When we connect our mind and body through this reflection and with purpose there are no boundaries to the power we can generate to alter the chaos around us.

So how do we begin to reconnect to that sacred impulse within us?

If you wish to do so, you may begin with the following exercise. Please stand up and place your mind’s attention in your feet. Please become aware that the mind can visualize this action and think it is doing it, but it is not.   Focus on them physically, and actually attempt to feel them, by filling them with mind awareness. Try to focus on the inside of each foot, and the full range of the surface that is on the floor.  Become aware of the weight that they exert on the floor. Become aware of the bones within the feet and in each toe. Experiencing this will alter your perception of weight and make you more keenly aware of it. This weight awareness will begin to cause a transformation of energy releasing heat that initiates "Sensing". This "Sensing" is a tingling that is energy being organized to a higher level of harmony creating a center from were presence can ebb and flow like an ocean and not just run out of us without boundaries into reactions. This sensing uses the energy that otherwise would go into roof brain chatter. The more we sense the wheel of mechanical tapes and reactions is made less dense and translucent. This means it has less power to pull us off center. Otherwise the reverse occurs. The inner Light is small within and the external reactions like vampires gain power to invade and high jack our sacred, real intention. It also makes it impossible to experience intimacy and real union with another at times.


As this process continues and we remain present to it the next level which is "rhythm" will begin to rebalanced your breathing pattern back to the true  pulsation of the frequency of your inner light; your true nature. This will in turn alter your breath to the true rhythm of your inner light and body and you will feel them unify. Moving very slowly in a rocking motion as a whole unit with your mind. The feeling is  as if sand were pouring into the front of the limbs, taking you the "edge" of almost falling forward and then backward. This should be done as a whole unified unit of full body weight. Then please attempt to find the mid-point of equilibrium of the bottom of the foot. This will cause you to achieve the internal midpoint of stillness and neutrally within you.

Try to extend this awareness of this neutral inner vortex space by continuing to return your attention gently within, standing still, while still being aware of all that is around you,  eyes open and allowing the breath to breathe YOU. If you can further bring awareness to a point two inches  below the belly button without losing awareness of what has been establish, do so as this will deepen the state.

There is more, but this is the first step on our path to knowing our real inner Self, and the Light of Christ, His perfect will within us. The state of being that develops through our practice slowly becomes permanent station of being that  allows us to better able  conquer obstacles we encounter, transform annoyances into pearls of revelation, and  transform and evolve within.   Do not hesitate and climb the mountain within and before you! 


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